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For more than 70 years, Banleaco’s mission has been to help small businesses succeed. Today, we provide the custom financial solutions that businesses use to acquire the equipment and software they need.

In 1946, Low Cost Transportation Company, which would eventually become Banleaco, was formed. The company focused on financing products in the automotive industry. In 1961, the company moved into the equipment financing marketplace under the name Bankers Car Sales Company. In 1971, the name was changed to Bankers Leasing Company and in 2017 we became Banleaco.

Over the years we have financed thousands of pieces including lighting solutions, pharmacy equipment, software, and many of the products that chiropractors and physical therapists use daily.

The foundations and aspirations of our business remain true to those established by our visionary founders and their financial insight continues to be our inspiration. Our passion and culture will ensure that we deliver for our customers– today and in the future.

Pharmacist checking a bottle of drug

Meet the Pharmacy Team

Dave Selden

Dave has served as president of Banleaco for 20 of his 37 years with the company. He loves to golf and hopes to one day repeat the hole in one that he made in 2017.

Diane Williams

Vice President

In addition to Diane’s leadership responsibilities at Banleaco, she serves as a board member for a women’s networking group and as a mentor for women in the finance industry. When not tied to a computer, she enjoys bicycling, working in her stunning flower garden, spending time on the lake or experimenting in the kitchen.  Diane says “recipes are for followers!”

Jodi Brockman

Credit Analyst

A die hard football fan, Jodi spends weekends in the fall cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes and Kansas City Chiefs. She learned to ski at the age of 9, when her family started taking frequent trips to Copper Mountain in Colorado. When she’s not hitting the slopes, Jodi enjoys whipping up all the recipes she discovers on the Food Network.

a Great Experience is Always Our Goal

We've had a loan with this company since 2012. The terms of the loans and payments are supposed to be finished by October (and hopefully still will). Over the last two years our business has experienced some SIGNIFICANT swings. I've worked with Brenda and Valerie and they've both been great. Over the last 4-6 months its been Brenda. I've got to say that falling behind on a loan is embarassing at best and shameful at worst. Both of these ladies have brought compassion to the situation and have worked with me to get back on track. Brenda keeps in touch with me on payments and also gives encouraging words. I can't say much about financing options or loan terms as it was my husband who set this up...what I can say is that they have been a light for me when my heart was sinking thinking I've got to call/email another person I owe money too. I think most people want to pay and they seem to understand this and work with me on it. I am beyond grateful and working toward getting up to date on payments.
Tiffany Green


Once we have received all the necessary information, we typically have a credit decision within 30 minutes.
Yes. Our 100% financing packages allow you to finance the full purchase price, including the soft costs such as installation, training, shipping, and sales tax.
We offer 24-60 month terms with a fixed monthly payment.
Assuming you have met the requirements in your original contract, you are welcome to pay off your equipment early with no penalty fees.
The Internal Revenue Service’s Section 179 Deduction lets businesses deduct up to $1 million of qualifying equipment purchases in the year the equipment is put into use. The deduction can result in significant tax savings even for small businesses. Equipment that is 100% financed is eligible for the deduction. It is recommended to consult your tax adviser regarding your specific tax situation and to obtain the most current up-to-date details.

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